Gemstone - 6mm Oceans

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Full of energy, our Gemstone Bracelets have a great feel to the touch and in the soul. Wear stones for their energetic properties or as a compliment to our One Well and Mali Wood Bracelets for a beautiful mix of color and texture.

Jasper - Known as the “Supreme Nurturer Stone," Jasper supports through times of stress, and brings wholeness.

Matte Amazonite - First found near the river banks of the Amazon River, this soulful gemstone has long been used as a talisman of truth and hope. 

Adventurine - A Stone of Sublime Prosperity and Purpose. Aventurine's meaning comes from the Italian word "Aventura" which means "chance" - a hint at the great fortune this stone can bestow.

African Turquoise - Turquoise may be the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of shamans and warriors, and represents wisdom, protection, and good fortune.

White HowliteRegarded by many as a guardian stone. With it's wistful, swirly white color, Howlite is wonderful for calming one's mood and promoting serenity. 

6mm Gemstone Beads. 7" circumference. 

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