Our Story

Hello! My name is Sarah Jo Brockman and I’m the designer of Jo Bird Jewelry. I started making necklaces as a teenager and launched my professional jewelry line in 2006. I named my business "Jo Bird" after my childhood nickname, because when I am creating jewelry I feel like I am being the person I was born to be. I am a mother of two little ones, and I appreciate every day that I can do the work I love right from my home studio.

I am most alive in the outdoors and am inspired to make jewelry that can take the wear of an active lifestyle. I run, garden, ski, hike, rock climb, and chase after kids…and I wear my jewelry through all of it. Customers often describe Jo Bird's designs as subtle and feminine, and say, "It has just enough sparkle to enhance my own beauty but not overwhelm me." And it is loved for the fact that it can be worn every day, dressy or casual, business or play.

I hope you enjoy a line that so much heart and soul has gone into making. I absolutely love what I do and I love sharing it with you!

-Sarah Brockman