One Well Bracelets

Fair Trade, Recycled African Glass Beads

Help Support Oceana’s Conservation Work

These bracelets are inspired by the story of Earth’s “One Well,” a children’s book that taught me and my kids how every raindrop, lake, river and ocean is part of a single global well that never has and never will be added to or taken away from. We have One Well. Our life depends on it, and after learning more about the dangers our well faces, we want to do our small part to protect it.

Jo Bird Jewelry donates $1 for every One Well Bracelet sold to Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Oceana has achieved hundreds of victories for marine habitats, from banning plastic foam containers to protecting deep sea coral reefs and endangered sea turtles. By purchasing a One Well Bracelet, you are helping save the oceans we love, enjoy and rely on for our health and well-being!

Better Than Sea Glass! The ocean-tumbled-like beads in our One Well bracelets are handmade by the Krobo people in Ghana, Africa, using a centuries-old technique of molding beads from crushed recycled glass bottles. Watch the video to fall in love with this beautiful process!