Swooping Swallow Trio

  • $82.95

There's no doubt that swallows are beautiful birds, and their significance dates back to ancient Greece and early sailors who proudly wore their tattoos. Today, as migratory birds, swallows are typically associated with spring and summer — the swallow’s migration and re-appearance symbolizes winter’s end. The birds usher in a brighter, more colorful season. For that reason, these birds are totems of good luck and positive change.

Our Swooping Swallow Necklaces layer beautifully together; they're also very cute stacked with any of Jo Bird's Czech glass knotted necklaces for a mix of color and texture as shown with our Forget Me Not Necklace in Chartreuse.

Brass and gold plated charms and chain in 14.5, 16, and 18 inch lengths.
Style #06CH | WS $13.50 to $16.50