Gemstone - Greys

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Full of energy, our Gemstone Bracelets have a great feel to the touch and in the soul. Wear stones for their energetic properties or as a compliment to our One Well and Mali Wood Bracelets for a beautiful mix of color and texture.

White Howlite - Regarded as a Guardian Stone. With it's wistful, swirly white color Howlite is wonderful for calming one's mood and promoting serenity. 

Pink Zebra Jasper - Often referred to as the ‘Stone of Optimism.’ Helps to calm your spirit and is a good stone to meditate with.

Matte Druzy Agate - Druzy refers to the formation of small crystals on a mineral surface and can be formed on several stones including agate and quartz. Druzy Agates are said to purify and amplify your body's natural healing properties.

Matte Cloudy Quartz - A form of crystal, Quartz is prized as the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition.

Snowflake Obsidian - A stone of purity. It supports your body, heart, mind, and spirit in clearing toxins that can prevent the free flow of positive energies.

8mm Gemstone Beads. 7" circumference. 

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