Gemstone - Outer Banks

  • $14.00

Full of energy, our Gemstone Bracelets have a great feel to the touch and in the soul. Wear stones for their energetic properties or as a compliment to our One Well and Mali Wood Bracelets for a beautiful mix of color and texture. 

6mm & 8mm Aventurine - A Stone of Sublime Prosperity and Purpose. Aventurine's meaning comes from the Italian word "Aventura" which means "chance" - a hint at the great fortune this stone can bestow.

6mm African Cyan Turquoise - Turquoise may be the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of shamans and warriors, and represents wisdom, protection, and good fortune.

Gemstone Beads on durable elastic cord. 7" circumference. 

Style #09G8 | WS $7.50