Sanibel Shell Necklace

  • $29.00

Every bead in this necklace is truly unique and special. The design started with the Angel Wing, Cross Barred Venus and Buttercup Lucine Shells I collected from the pristine beaches of Sanibel Island and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I spent hours hunting for these natural "beads" -- shells with holes -- hoping to create special jewelry with them.

To highlight the shell's beachy vibe, I've woven together a mixture of aqua Amazonite, Czech glass, and most notably, ancient Roman Glass, which has a distinctly sand-blasted, beach glass look and feel. The material for these beads is derived from bits of ancient cups, vases, and perfume bottles that have sustained the travails of time in the Mediterranean. Each necklace is it's own art piece, and features a unique combination of beads and pendant shell.

Natural shell pendant with Roman Glass, Amazonite and Czech glass beads hand knotted on nylon cord. 17" length (18" including pendant).

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